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Ferienwohnung in Escheburg

21039 Escheburg, Kiefernweg 29   [Map] [Page]  (040) 46 28 72
OT: Voßmoor
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Kreisstadt Escheburg:

Bundesland:  Schleswig-Holstein  
District:  Herzogtum Lauenburg
License Plate:  RZ
Number of inhabitants:  about 3.000
Community-Portal  Portal of the Community of Escheburg 
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Escheburg-Transport  Transport in Escheburg   
What transport connections are there in Escheburg?
For example important train and bus stations in Escheburg and in the surrounding area.
With search for accommodation near train station or airport 

Escheburg-Wikipedia  Escheburg-Wiki Information 
What is there in Escheburg and what may be interesting to know?
More information about the positioned location:   Escheburg  

Current News   Current Regional News from Escheburg 
What's going on in Escheburg? Read the latest news of the regional newspapers.
Daily news from regional newspapers ( Escheburg ):   Herzogtum direkt, Lokale Online Zeitung, Lübecker Nachrichten, Bergedorfer Zeitung  

Escheburg-Weather  Wether in Escheburg 
How will be the weather? Current regional weather data - weather preview with optional wether-webcam.
Information about the weather at the location:   Escheburg  

Escheburg-Museums  Museums in the district town Escheburg   
Museums in the vicinity of the accommodations residence and in the region.
With search for accommodation near a selected museum  

Escheburg-Pictures  Escheburg Pictures 
Pictures:  Escheburg and surroundings. 


List of Towns with Properties

KM) Center distance as the crow flies to • Escheburg.
E-Tsd.) Number of inhabitants in thousand.
a) Price level: 1:Low to 5:High
b) Culture level: A:High to E:Low
c) Family level: a:High to e:Low
Number of accommodation offers: Town (xx)
km  E-Tsd. abc)   Name
10 1 2 D e   Brunstorf  (1)
4 3 2 D c   Drage (Elbe)  (3)
3 2 D a   » Escheburg  (1)
7 29 2 D d   Geesthacht  (9)
7 3 3 C a   Marschacht  (3)
9 25 2 D d   Reinbek  (7)
10 4 2 D d   Tespe  (3)

to b) Cultural and tourist level of a town or place.
to c) The family level results from child- and family-oriented cultural and accommodation offers at the host town. 
All ratings are based on the currently available data. Valuations currently still without situation evaluation. 


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