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Accommodation on a Courtyard in conjunction with riding lessons is especially popular with children and families.
Riding farms offer appropriate accommodation in rooms, apartments and also in holiday flats. As a rule, the farms are located in an agricultural environment.
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Riding Farms in Baden-Wuerttemberg   
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72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler, Vörbacher Strasse 4   [Map] [Page]  (07445) 854 30
OT: Neu-Nuifra
Holiday Flats  
Ferienhof Kober

72290 Loßburg, Neue Strasse 10   [Map] [Page]  (07446) 674 27 90
OT: Wittendorf
Holiday Flats  
Pension Reitstall Egerhof

72800 Eningen unter Achalm, Paul-Jauch-Weg 11   [Map] [Page]  (07121) 824 22
Reitanlage Härtsfeldhof

73441 Bopfingen, Hohenberg 3   [Map] [Page]  (07362) 57 73
OT: Hohenberg
Holiday Flats  
Hotel Reiterhof Konle

73479 Ellwangen, Hofackerstrasse 20   [Map] [Page]  (07965) 900 30
OT: Röhlingen
Reiterhof Burghöfle

73635 Rudersberg, Burghöfle 3   [Map] [Page]  (07183) 74 52
Holiday Flats  
Reit- und Pensionsstall

74847 Obrigheim, Schubertstrasse 17   [Map] [Page]  (06261) 939 80 03
Holiday Flats  
Aktivhotel Schwarzwald-Sportzentrum Neubulach   

75387 Neubulach, Bühlstrasse 11   [Map] [Page]  (07053) 96 75 84
  Close to the Hotel: Sports Facilities, Seminar House and Trail Riding Station
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Mark accommodation and send accommodation info to own email address
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Landgut Scheuelberghof

75433 Maulbronn, Scheuelberghof 1   [Map] [Page]  (0721) 183 78 16
OT: Scheuelberghof
Holiday Flats  
Pferdehof Vogel

76337 Waldbronn, Friedhofstrasse   [Map] [Page]  (07243) 612 29

76571 Gaggenau, Hofstrasse 1   [Map] [Page]  (0163) 459 01 99
OT: Winkel
Holiday Flat  

77709 Wolfach, Langenbach 31   [Map] [Page]  (07834) 62 17
Holiday Flats  
Schmid Bauernhof

77709 Wolfach, Übelbach 23   [Map] [Page]  (07834) 86 98 06
OT: Übelbach
Holiday Flats  

77709 Wolfach, Übelbach 25   [Map] [Page]  (07834) 66 20
Gestüt Kaiserhof

77731 Willstätt, Waldsiedlung 3   [Map] [Page]  (07852) 99 67 80
OT: Legelshurst
Holiday Flats  

77883 Ottenhöfen im Schwarzwald, Dorfstrasse 12   [Map] [Page]  (07842) 603 85
OT: Furschenbach
Ferienhof Bohnert

77889 Seebach (Baden), Bohnertshöfe 6   [Map] [Page]  (07842) 31 61
Holiday Flats  

77960 Seelbach (Schutter), Litschental 108   [Map] [Page]  (07823) 22 23
Holiday Flats  

78199 Bräunlingen, Im Weidfeld 1   [Map] [Page]  (0771) 92 94 95 64
OT: Waldhausen
Reitanlage Winterhalder

78239 Rielasingen-Worblingen, Im Geuger 3   [Map] [Page]  (0170) 542 15 48
Holiday Flat  
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Mark accommodation and send accommodation info to own email address
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Kirchners Pferdehof

79843 Löffingen, Bleiche 1   [Map] [Page]  (07654) 806 94 06
OT: Bleiche
Holiday Flats  
Ferien-Landhaus Isolde

79848 Bonndorf im Schwarzwald, Martin-Gerbert-Strasse 6   [Map] [Page]  (07703) 93 12 01
OT: Ebnet
Holiday Flats  

79856 Hinterzarten, Windeck 15   [Map] [Page]  (07652) 396
Holiday Flats  

88213 Ravensburg, Alberskircher Strasse 10   [Map] [Page]  (0170) 438 35 76
OT: Dürnast
Ferien- und Reiterhof Bareth

88260 Argenbühl, Gottrazhofen 19   [Map] [Page]  (07566) 396
OT: Gottrazhofen
Holiday Flat  

88299 Leutkirch im Allgäu, Ziegelhütte 3   [Map] [Page]  (07561) 31 78
Holiday Flat  
Ferienhof Rösch

88410 Bad Wurzach, Dorfstrasse 24   [Map] [Page]  (07564) 32 62
OT: Haidgau
Holiday Flats  
Pension Reitschule Spießhof

88634 Herdwangen-Schönach, Spießhof 1   [Map] [Page]  (07557) 235
Holiday Flats  
Hubertushof Steidle

88693 Deggenhausertal, Mennwanger Baindt 15   [Map] [Page]  (07555) 52 96
OT: Mennwanger Baindt
Hofgut Wiggenweiler - Bio-Ferienwohnungen

88697 Bermatingen, Wiggenweiler 1   [Map] [Page]  (07544) 953 19 92
Holiday Flats  
Hof Plenkitten

89601 Schelklingen, Kapellenstrasse 2   [Map] [Page]  (07384) 951 23
OT: Ingstetten
Holiday Flats  

97999 Igersheim, Reckerstal 14   [Map] [Page]  (07931) 82 90
OT: Reckerstal
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Riding Farm in Baden-Wuerttemberg
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Accommodation on Riding yards

As a rule, horse riding farms offer inexpensive and functional rooms, apartments and flats. The offer is aimed in particular at: families with children, young people, but also at travel groups and whole school classes. A duty in connection with lodging to also take riding lessons does not exist mostly.  

    Offers frequently found on a riding farm:
  • Rooms for overnight stays
  • Accommodation and programs for school classes
  • Tasting with regional products
  • horseback riding vacation
  • Holidays on horseback
  • Rides
  • Riding hours
  • riding lessons
  • Taster courses
  • Nursing horses

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