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Travel and Nature Reserves

Experience original nature and observe animals in almost untouched nature, these are the main reasons for a tourist stay in the vicinity of nature reserves. From the Wadden Sea in the north to the Alps in the south there are numerous and varied nature reserves in Germany, which can also be entered.

Travel, Holidays and Nature Reserves

In Germany there are more than 8,800 nature conservation areas covering an area of almost 14,000 square kilometres. The majority of these areas are located in North Rhine-Westphalia. The federal states are responsible for managing the nature conservation areas. Special rules and legal requirements apply to all of these areas, which must be strictly observed.  

Nature reserves offer a charming environment for observing nature and animals. Hiking, photography and enjoying nature are frequent themes in this context. Specialised accommodations in the surroundings of nature reserves usually offer everything you need for an adequate stay in a vacation or short holiday. In the Travel-Theme-Menu you will find under the topic Eco-Accommodation offers based on environment and sustainability.  

Due to the large number of nature conservation areas are presented on this page:
• Link to the BfN-Natura database
• references to specific areas
• links to websites with further information  


Data Base:
Search for bird sanctuaries and nature conservation areas in the federal states.  

The BfN Natura database (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation) offers extensive research possibilities and detailed information on nature and landscape conservation areas under the Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive (FFH areas) in Germany.

Special Nature Reserves:
Selection of special nature conservation areas in Germany.  

Links on the Subject of Nature Conservation:
Links on the subject of Nature conservation and Nature conservation areas in Germany.  

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Nature Conservation in Germany

In all major mountain and forest areas, along coasts and rivers, in heaths, moors and wetlands can be found in Germany designated nature conservation areas. These are usually very sparsely populated or in some cases not populated at all. The Natura database of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) contains extensive information on the type, location and extent of the protected areas (See link to the database at the top of this page).  

The Neader Valley was designated as the first German nature reserve on 9 August 1921. This was followed by areas in the Lüneburger Heide on 29 December 1921 and in the Siebengebirge on 7 June 1922. By 2018 more than 8,800 nature conservation areas had already been designated in Germany. Of particular national importance for nature and the North Sea coast is the extensive Wadden Sea nature reserve.  

For travel and excursions into nature the nature conservation organisations publish NABU and Bund plenty of tips, ideas and addresses on their pages (for links to the organisations' websites, see the top of this page) also supports you in your search for accommodation in the vicinity of nature and nature reserves by providing direct contact to the hosts, in order to be able to clarify even detailed questions directly and quickly. In addition, at some hotels, pensions and apartment houses you can rooms, Apartments or also Holiday flats on their websites also book directly.  

Weather development in Germany in the next days:  Weather in Germany  

Long-term weather forecasts for Germany:  Weather Forecasts  


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