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Regional products

Location marketing and regional products for:  Kiel Listing of regional products and service offers that are of interest to tourists and hosts or are of importance for the region. In addition, it is usually possible to access supplementary accommodation offers from the city and municipality portals or from private providers.
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Location Marketing
City-Portal Kiel
Sailing City Kiel 
Citizen Service, City Map, Events, Holidays in Kiel, Knowledge Creates the Future, Kiel Week
Regional Products
Fördetörn Kiel
Harbour tours and ferry trips 
See harbour guests from all over the world - from traditional sailing ships to Scandinavian ferries and dream ships
Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel, Kaistrasse 51, 24114 Kiel   [Map]     Fon: (0431) 594 12 63
Regional Products
Moby Kiel
Fish dishes and panoramic view 
MOBY is your Kiel address for creative fish dishes and innovative seafood with a panoramic view of the fjord
Moby Kiel, Kiellinie 61a, 24105 Kiel   [Map]  
Regional Products
E-Mobility - Bundesnetzagentur
Charging columns for e-vehicles (See here below: E-Charging Stations list) 
Regional Products
Car Sharing
Charsharing in Germany - 9 providers for comparison 
•  Interested in advertising regionally? From annual fee: Request Email - more information at the bottom of this page.

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Notes Regional products and Location marketing


All content on these topics is presented on this one page at find-accommodation.  

Regional products and location marketing topics are assigned to categories and are listed sorted according to the categories. A Germany-wide search for product/location entries is possible for the search for:  product title, city name and postcode (5-digit).  

In the case of listed city and community portals, the accommodation offer pages of the portals are usually also linked separately, if available.  

Information and offers for the hosts are listed at the bottom of the page before this hints segment (if available).  

Attractions, museums and daily news can be found on the corresponding accommodation page below the accommodation listing.  

Advertise own Regional Offers:
We are happy to insert your regional service offers or products that are interesting for tourism and the region, for guests or hosts. From 50,- Euro annual fee you can advertise your region, products or service at and make the guests of your region aware of your offers.  

Regional Products at Finde-Unterkunft:
The term Region is not protected by law and is used in different ways. For example, at Edeka a product region can consist of several federal states. At Lidl, the products of its regional brand - Ein gutes Stück Heimat - are even of nationwide origin.  

In Find-Unterkunft, a region comprises a municipality, a district town or city, a county or a thematic area (e.g. cycling tour section).  

For ecological topics, the topics sustainability and hotel industry (offers for hosts), finde-Unterkunft also lists offers throughout Germany.  

Location Marketing at Finde-Unterkunft:
In a national context, location marketing refers to a region, a municipality, a city or even a district. The aim is to present a region in an attractive way for tourism or for the settlement of companies and to clearly state the advantages of the region.  

At finde-Unterkunft, location marketing refers to: municipalities, district towns, district-free towns, districts and themed areas in mainly touristic contexts. The online portals of the city or municipality are of particular importance for the listing of offers at finde-Unterkunft.  


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