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Lodging and to overnight in an old monastery, monastery guesthouse or in a former monastery converted into a monastery hotel.
Immerse yourself in the spiritual, decelerated world of monks and nuns. Spend the night in a monastery room or monastery apartment in scenic surroundings.
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Monasteries in Baden-Wuerttemberg  
Gästehaus Abtei Neresheim
73450 Neresheim, Kloster Neresheim 12   [Map] [Page]  (07326) 96 44 22 61
Bildungshaus Kloster Schöntal
74214 Schöntal, Klosterhof 6   [Map] [Page]  (07943) 89 40
Gästehaus Kloster Maria Hilf
77815 Bühl, Carl-Netter-Strasse 7   [Map] [Page]  (07223) 80 21 65
Holiday Flat  
Kloster Hegne
78476 Allensbach, Konradistrasse 12   [Map] [Page]  (07533) 80 70
OT: Hegne
Kloster St. Trudpert Gästehaus
79244 Münstertal, St. Trudpert 6   [Map] [Page]  (07636) 780 21 06
Haus Maria Lindenberg
79271 St. Peter, Lindenbergstrasse 25   [Map] [Page]  (0761) 514 40
OT: Lindenberg
Kapuzinerkloster Stühlingen
79780 Stühlingen, Loretoweg 12   [Map] [Page]  (07744) 939 93
Hotel Klosterhof
79837 St. Blasien, Am Kurgarten 9   [Map] [Page]  (07672) 342 98 80
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Kloster Reute
88339 Bad Waldsee, Klostergasse 6   [Map] [Page]  (07524) 70 80
Jugendhaus St. Norbert
88430 Rot an der Rot, Klosterhof 9   [Map] [Page]  (08395) 92 40
Gästehaus Kloster Bonlanden
88450 Berkheim, Faustin-Mennel-Strasse 1   [Map] [Page]  (07354) 88 40
OT: Bonlanden
Tagungshaus Kloster Heiligkreuztal
88499 Altheim (bei Riedlingen), Am Münster 7   [Map] [Page]  (07371) 93 12 30
OT: Heiligkreuztal
Holiday Flat  
Kloster Brandenburg
89165 Dietenheim, Am Schlossberg 3   [Map] [Page]  (07347) 95 50
OT: Regglisweiler
Kloster Obermarchtal
89611 Obermarchtal, Klosteranlage 2   [Map] [Page]  (07375) 950 50
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Overnight stay in an old Monastery

Immerse yourself in the silence and seclusion of the secular monks and nuns of the Franciscan, Dominican or Carmelite religious communities. Some of the monasteries, once closed to the worldly, are now open to interested tourists and offer overnight accommodation. A number of orphaned monasteries have been carefully converted into hotels and combine the historical ambience with the usual hotel comfort.  

Former monasteries also offer an exceptional setting for conferences, celebrations and special events. A overnight stay in a monastery is possible for single travelers, hikers and pilgrims and frequently for families, travel groups, youth groups or school classes.


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