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Lodging and staying on a medieval Castle in a Castle Hotel or on an former fortress
Immerse yourself in the world of legends and knighthood. Stay in a Castle Room, a Keminate or Castle Apartment.
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Castle Hotels in Baden-Wuerttemberg  
Hotel Burg Staufeneck
73084 Salach, Burg   [Map] [Page]  (07162) 93 34 40
Marienburg Niederalfingen
73460 Hüttlingen, Fuggerstrasse 12   [Map] [Page]  (07361) 78 09 50
OT: Niederalfingen
Hotel Garni Burg Waldenstein
73635 Rudersberg, Waldenstein 8   [Map] [Page]  (07183) 93 87 60
OT: Waldenstein
Hotel Burg Hornberg
74865 Neckarzimmern, Burg Hornberg 1   [Map] [Page]  (06261) 924 60
Hotel Schloss Waldburg
88289 Waldburg, Schloss 1   [Map] [Page]  (0170) 386 73 02
Holiday Flat  
Jugendherberge Leibertingen-Wildenstein
88637 Leibertingen, Burg   [Map] [Page]  (07466) 411
OT: Wildenstein
Hotel Burg Katzenstein
89561 Dischingen, Oberer Weiler 1 - 3   [Map] [Page]  (07326) 91 96 56
OT: Katzenstein
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Castle Hotel in Baden-Wuerttemberg
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Overnight stay in an old Castle

A world of mysterious myths, legends and fairy tales surround the old castle walls. Inside you feel as if you are very close to the medieval times of knighthood. Only relatively few castles are still in private hands. Many of the castles, which were often administered by local authorities, became museums or for commercial use at youth hostels, Hotelliers or Gastronomers. Due to their historical ambience, castles are also popular locations for weddings, celebrations and conferences.  

The castle ensemble on the Rhine between Constance and Bingen also attracts great international tourist attention.


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